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Let an expert tutor handle your child’s K-12 tutoring needs. Nerddais.com will use it’s proximal pairing mechanism to identify a qualified tutor for your child. The distance between the tutor and the student is taken into consideration when scheduling. We want to ensure tutors’ focus is on meeting the needs of your child without many distractions. Let’s get started!

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Our fundamental goal is to enhance a student’s interest in learning and spark in them the desire to be lifelong learners

Nerddais dutifully selects local tutors from a pool of candidates who meet our strict tutoring qualifications criteria. These are individuals who have the knowledge and skills that will be at your disposal for the benefit of your child. Some of the areas we concentrate on are as follows.

nerddais.com math tutoring

Math tutoring is a bound to elevate your child’s understanding of core concepts. Finding a math tutor in your local area who can help your child will bear fruit in the long run.

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Nerddais.com K-12 writing tutoring services

Writing is critical to communication and acquiring extra writing tutoring will help your child develop this crucial skill. A writing tutor will guide your child improve their writing skills.

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nerddais.com reading tutoring

A strong reading foundation is critical for the overall academic success. A seasoned reading tutor will help nurture both reading and spelling skills of your child at a convenient pace.

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nerddais.com science tutoring

Looking for affordable science tutors near you? Nerddais.com will use it’s proximal pairing mechanism to find a qualified tutor for your child.

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nerddais.com study skills tutoring

Sometimes studying smart makes all the difference. If your child is struggling with lack of focus, consider getting a tutor to help.

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nerddais.com foreign languages tutoring

Finding the right foreign languages tutor is important. We will identify qualified foreign language tutors for your child in your local area.

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nerddais.com music tutoring

Find highly qualified music tutors to impart music skills to your child. Whether you are looking for voice lessons or learning how to play a piano, a guitar, or a trombone we can help.

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nerddais.com phonics tutoring

By mastering the sounds associated with letters and their pronunciation, your child could be off to a great reading culture. Get your child a phonics tutor and give them a great beginning.

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nerddais.com test prep tutoring

Standard testing can be daunting and unless a student is well prepared, the tests could be challenging. A top-notch test prep tutor can help a child better prepare for standard tests.

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Find A Tutor Near You!

Nerddais uses a three step system in engaging new families in need of tutoring services. We call this our simple engage, match, and deploy system meant to understand your needs, get you the best resource, and secure suitable time slots.

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Talk to one of our placement specialist about your child’s tutoring needs. We don’t prescribe a one-fit-all solution for all inquiries. We will want to listen to the difficulty your child is having with the aim of crafting a long-lasting solution.


We identify a suitable local resource using our proprietary proximal pairing mechanism. Our mission is to link you with the best resource with the experience and skills needed to help resolve the educational difficulty your child might be having.


After we have understood your needs and a suitable resource has been identified, we then identify mutually agreeable times and duration for tutoring sessions. After this, tutoring commences and periodic reviews are done.

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