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The adage goes that you should study smarter not harder! This can be harnessed by learning good study skills and learning strategies. Doing so, you will keep your motivation high and achieve your goals more easily and efficiently. Study skills tutoring is one route students struggling with studying can use to achieve efficient studying.

Does your child need study skills tutoring?

To answer this question, ask yourself these three questions.

  1. Is your child struggling in a particular subject or across several subjects?
  2. Does your child need to learn to become a more independent learner?
  3. Is your child undergoing a transition?

Students who are having difficulty grasping concepts in math, science, or having difficulty grasping a world language may need a different kind of help than those who are struggling across different subjects. Students struggling across different subjects may require study skills tutoring involving strategies in planning and organizing their studying, while those who only have difficulty in a specific area may require subject-specific tutoring.

Study skills tutoring involves helping students take charge of their own learning and becoming more independent. A study skills tutor will help your child by teaching them skills that will transform them to a more effective, focused, independent learner.

Students go through transition year-in , year-out, moving from one grade to the next and less involving to more involving subjects. Other changes involve moving from one school to another or making a transition to a honors or AP class. These changes can weigh on a student and may disorient them. Study skills tutoring may be the best thing for such a student.

Nerddais works with qualified tutors who are adept at study skills tutoring. When using our study skills tutoring service, parents need to be be upfront about their needs. Parents should express their needs openly so that our study skills tutors are better able to help. It’s important to remember that our tutors are adept at what they do and they will set up a plan that will work for a person according to their personal requirements.

The benefits of using a study skills tutoring tutor are well worth the investment. The rates will vary slightly based on education and experience level. However, the results are absolutely remarkable when your child can become an independent learner.

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