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Phonemic awareness is a critical skill, especially in early elementary grades. It is being able to hear, recognize and manipulate the sounds that make up an individual word. The sound heard can be broken down into small chunks of sound. For children with difficulty, identifying these sounds in a word is not as easy, because the spoken word is often so seamless. In speaking, the individual sounds get lost in the word, and the child cannot identify them. Phonemic awareness tutoring is important for a child in developing reading and spelling success. 

Nerddais utilizes a well-developed system of phonemic awareness that measures nine critical phonemic awareness skills. The evaluation involves exposing non-readers to audio and picture only items through an automated one-on-one phonemic awareness diagnostics. 

Phonics is the relationship between how words are written and how words sound. Phonics can help children with their reading and writing skills, and it can give them the confidence needed to include more complex words in their vocabulary. If your child needs phonics tutoring, our tutors are here to help.

Tutoring can help your child catch up

After a child has fallen behind, it can be difficult for them to catch up in a classroom setting. Phonics tutoring will allow our tutors work directly with your child and fill in the gaps in their knowledge. A phonics tutor will be able to provide individualized instruction so that your child will be able to learn the things they need to know.

Phonics plays an essential role in many subjects

Phonics isn’t an area that you can afford to ignore. Your child will use their understanding of phonics when they are spelling and reading, which means it can impact their performance in many subjects. Being a strong reader will really help your child to do well in school. If you want your children to excel in this area, you should have them work with one of our phonics tutors.

The phonemic awareness and phonics tutors will provide you are extremely knowledgeable and have a strong understanding of this subject. More importantly, they understand how to teach phonemic awareness to students have had trouble grasping many essential concepts.

Contact us today if you’d like to find out more about our phonemic awareness and phonics tutoring services. We’re highly flexible and can help you to find a tutoring solution that works for your child. If you would like to help your child increase their vocabulary and reading comprehension, you should look into phonemic awareness and phonics tutoring.

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