Phonemic awareness and phonics tutoring

Phonemic awareness tutoring

Phonemic awareness is a critical skill, especially in the early elementary grades. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate the individual phonemes (the distinct letter sounds in a word) essential in enabling a student distinguish words. A student’s phonemic awareness ability is a good indicator of their later reading success.

Nerddais Tutoring platform facilitates the pairing of English language professional tutors who are also adept at phonemics tutoring in finding students seeking phonemics tutoring.

Phonics tutoring

Phonics is the relationship between how words are written and how words sound. Phonics understanding can help children with their reading and writing skills. It can give them the confidence needed to include more complex words in their vocabulary. If your child needs phonics tutoring, tutors on our platform are here to help.

Phonics Tutors Can Help Your Child To Catch Up

After a child falls behind in reading or writing, it can be difficult for them to catch up in a classroom setting. Phonics and phonemic awareness tutors will be able to work directly with your child and fill in the gaps in their knowledge. A tutor will be able to provide individualized instruction so that your child will be able to learn the things they need to know.

Phonics Plays An Essential Role In Many Different Subjects

Phonics isn’t a subject that you can afford to ignore. Your child will use their understanding of phonics when they are spelling and reading, which means it can impact their performance in many other subjects. Being a strong reader will really help your child to do well in school generally. If you want your children to excel in this area, you should have them work with a qualified phonemic awareness tutor.

Phonics and Phonemic Awareness Tutors Can Provide The Instruction You Need

Phonemic awareness and phonics tutors should be tutors that are extremely knowledgeable with a strong understanding the subject. More importantly, they must understand how to teach the subject to students who have had trouble grasping many essential concepts. They could even be able to work with students who suffer from learning disabilities like dyslexia and hyperlexia.

If you are looking for a phonemic awareness and phonics tutor, you should sign up and make a request on our platform today so as to communicate your needs to the tutors on the platform. We will do our best to find you a resource that you can work with. If you would like to help your child increase their vocabulary and reading comprehension, you should look into phonemic awareness and phonics tutoring.

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