Tutors register by following this link. Registration may be accomplished by using tutors’ social accounts or optionally by completing a new registration form on the site.

After activating your profile, tutors should complete their profile to be eligible for bidding on tutoring jobs. Completing your profile will involve:

(1) Uploading your photo

(2) Adding a professional title

(3) Adding your location

(4) Adding your total years of experience

(5) Adding your hourly rate ($/hr)

(6) Adding top 5 skills related to your tutoring area

(7) Adding a profile description which is your way to introduce yourself to potential students.

E-mail me jobs that are relevant to my skills

Ticking this box will allow us to email you whenever a student posts a job matching your skills, you are notified.

Available for hire?

You can toggle the button to indicate your availability (when button is blue) or unavailability (when button is grey) to let students know when they can contact you for tutoring.

Adding your portfolio is optional but may be important for tutors to showcase tutors’ tutoring experience. Adding a portfolio involves creating a portfolio title, portfolio description, tutor skills, and associated files or photos to enhance the portfolio.


Q. How much does it cost to sign up?

A. Signing up is free of charge and will never to charged. You simply need to register and complete your profile before bidding on available and future jobs.

Q. How about the cost of the service?

A. We charge a small fee (as low as $1.50 per bid) for tutors to place a bid on a job. We have 3 bid service levels for tutors to choose from based on their bidding strategies.

Q. Can I signup for more than one account if I tutor different subjects?

A. We encourage tutors to maintain only one account. Since tutors can list up-to 5 skills on their profile, this is the best way to be able to tutor different subjects.

Q. Am I an employee of Nerddais.com while working as a tutor?

A. As a tutor on Nerddais.com you are an independent educational consultant of Nerddais and work independently. That means you set your own hours and use your own skills and knowledge in tutoring. We only provide a platform to meet students.