Before you hire a tutor, you should visit their profile page and read their profile completely. Tutors should succinctly describe their service offerings and experience. Look at their portfolio as well as the the reviews they have received for previous jobs.

If you have dealt with a tutor in the past, you can invite them to bid on your job, it’s entirely up-to you. If you haven’t dealt with any tutor and are still unsure of which tutor to hire, reach out to them with your questions. Ask for some more documented proof to support information on their profile.

Meeting a tutor

We leave it entirely up to you (and your parent if you are below 18) to decide where you want to meet your tutor. It could be your private residential area or a quiet public place such as a library or a coffee shop. In meeting your tutor, ensure you take all precaution to be safe. We urge parents of students less than 18 to have their children in view during tutoring sessions.

Payments and Refunds

During job placement, you will be charged a fee which varies based on your package choice. This fee only allows you to recruit a tutor on our platform.

When posting your job, you will be required to enter the whole amount you want to pay the tutor for tutoring. Multiply your chosen hourly rate by the total hours you need tutoring for. At the end of tutoring, you’ll complete the process to be able to pay the tutor.

Refunds are given in the following circumstances:

  1. Your job post expires without finding a tutor. In this instance you are refunded 100% of the fees paid.
  2. When a tutor abandons tutoring midway without cause. In this case you will be refunded for the unused hours.
  3. In case of a dispute between you and the tutor, a refund will depend on the outcome of our own internal dispute resolution.