Creating an account

The following should guide you if you want to register as a student on

  1. You are of legal age (18 years of age)
  2. If you are a minor, your parent or guardian should sign up on your behalf.
  3. You will use your legal names and contact information

Once you sign up for a student account, you will need to activate your account and complete your profile. Completing your profile will entail:

  1. Adding your name
  2. Adding your location
  3. Uploading a profile photo
  4. Adding a profile description

Once done ensure you save your profile. You can also update your password as part of updating your profile.

Posting a Job

A student (or a parent thereof) can request for a tutor by placing a job posting on the website. This involves:

  1. Choosing a package. Currently there are three packages on the platform. Package cost vary based on your urgency.
  2. You will choose a category that best suites your job posting. You can post your job in a maximum of 3 categories (based on their suitability)
  3. Provide a suitable title. The title you choose should enable anyone know what type of tutor background skills you require.
  4. Provide a job description. A good description should give information about your grade, when you require tutoring (day and time), what frequency is tutoring needed, why you require tutoring and what you expect to accomplish at the end of the tutoring.
  5. Add any attachments relevant to your job posting
  6. Choose the relevant skills you are looking for. Skills can match the categories you chose.
  7. Enter your total budget for the job. This should be the total number of hours you require tutoring multiplied by the total hourly rate you are willing to pay.
  8. Enter a location. This is necessary especially if you want to meet a tutor for one on one tutoring.
  9. Finally submit the job. The job will become available as soon as we approve it

Setting Expectations

It’s important to set your expectations clearly from the word go. The job description as well as the Workspace are the best places to do this. Use the job description to provide as much information as possible as well as set your expectations.

  1. Communication. Use the workspace to communicate with your tutor. Provide them with all needed information for upcoming job.
  2. If there are any misgivings, let your tutor know as soon as possible during the sessions or on the workspace.
  3. Importantly, maintain records you have use in case of a dispute.