Coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought an unprecedented situation that calls for all of us to do what is within our powers to protect ourselves and those we love. We urge all our customers and tutors to to follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Federal, State, and Local government guidelines.

Until this situation is resolved, Nerddais is facilitating and encourage our customers and tutors to use online tutoring.

Since our platform allows a tutor to chart with a student directly upon being down-selected by the student, the tutor can introduce the student to any online tutoring platform of their choice. If the tutor opts for this route, they don’t need to inform the student by contacting the student ahead of tutoring. Additionally, the tutor will be responsible for setting up the tutoring accounts and inviting the student as a participant in the chosen platform. Any costs associated with such platform will be the responsibility of the tutor.

Nerddais tutoring has secured a license for an online tutoring platform that can be used for online tutoring. Every online tutoring job posting upon being filled will be provided with an online account. Both the tutor and student will be sent a link and a password they’ll use to access the platform. Tutors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the platform and ensure they have everything needed for successful tutoring. The tutoring sessions conducted on this platform can be recorded and we will be asking each tutor to record their sessions.

How to use Nerddais’ chosen platform

  • For any student that successfully finds a tutor on, Nerddais will set up an account on the online tutoring platform for their use. We will create an online room for them to use for tutoring ahead of their scheduled time.
  • We will then send an invitational email to the tutor’s and student’s email account on record. The email will include: a link to the online room, a password to enter the room, and links to a knowledge-base where both student and tutor will find helpful information on using the platform.
  • We also are leaving this area open for comments which could be useful to anyone. Feel free to respond to a question after you have used the room.

Terms guiding use of the tutoring platform

  • Your use of the platform is restricted to conducting Nerddais-originating tutoring sessions only. You will not use the room for any other purposes.
  • You do not have absolute access to the tutoring room. Access to the tutoring room can be restricted or stopped at any time for any or no reason.
  • Tutors can be use the same room to conduct different tutoring sessions if different students book with the same tutor for tutoring on different days or times, which enables the switching from one student to another in the same room
  • The link to the tutoring session as well as password access to the room are confidential information. They are not to be shared with anyone. The only two people who will have access to the link and room at any given time should be the student and tutor using that specific room.


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