1. How do I sign up for tutoring?

Students can sign up by following this link

  1. How do I become a tutor?

Tutors can sign up as tutors here

  1. Will tutoring help me?

If you are finding it hard to concentrate, are behind on concepts in class, or you need test taking preparation, then you could benefit from tutoring.

  1. How much does your service cost?

Our services are affordable. We charge a small fee to help us keep the service going. These fees are shared by both student and tutor.

  1. Do you accept payment plans or do you offer financing?

Tutoring is on a pay-per-session basis. As such payment is collected before the service if offered.

  1. Are tutoring times and days flexible?

Tutoring days and times are suggested by the student when placing a job positing. As such, the flexibility will depend on the agreement between the student and tutor.

  1. Do you offer assessments?

Nerddais.com does not offer assessments. If assessment are offered by the tutor, those will be at terms agreed upon between student and tutor. Nerddais will not be party to such an agreement.

  1. How are tutoring  sessions geared towards the needs of the student?

We encourage students or their parents to talk to tutors ahead of the tutoring session to set expectations and agree on how sessions will be conducted.

  1. Do tutors work with the teachers in my school?

Tutors may work with tutors at your school. You should ask the tutor if they are willing to work with the class teacher. This may be a good way to understand the student’s background and craft a suitable tutoring plan.

  1. How long does a tutoring session last?

Most tutoring sessions take an hour during week days. Sessions may last longer than an hour over the weekends when there is more time.

  1. Can I have a set weekly appointment?

This is possible. When you are placing your job request, you should detail this requirement in the job description.

  1. What subjects do you offer tutoring in?

Our platform has all subjects you will find from K through 12. Additionally, we have subjects catering for college tutoring including standardized tests.

  1. Which test prep services do you offer?

Our platform has different standard tests for students to choose when placing job postings.

  1. What if there are no tutors available when I need help?

Nerddais will reach out to it’s pool of resources to find a suitable tutor. In the event we are unable to secure a resource, you will be refunded the money used for posting so that you get help elsewhere.

  1. How will I get matched with a tutor?

When it comes to matching, the ball is mostly in your hands. Nerddais will avail different tutors to bid on your project. You should go through each resource to find a suitable one. Reading the tutor profile and examining their portfolio is a good way to compare tutors.

  1. Will your tutors come to my home?

This is possible and something we encourage. You should state this when posting your job.

  1. How do I know I got the best tutor?

You should be able to tell after the initial tutoring session.

  1. What should I do when I am unable to meet with my tutor or my tutor is unable to meet me?

We encourage trying to keep your appointments. However, should either party be unable to meet, communicating at the earliest opportunity is the best way forward. A new date can be mutually agreed on.

  1. What should I do prior to meeting my tutor to ensure I get the most out of the tutoring session?

Use the job workspace to keep in contact with your tutor. Here, you can discuss with tutor what you can do or what resources they can provide to help enhance the next session.

  1. What should I expect to do during a tutoring session?

There is no one answer-fits-all here. However, typically, expect your tutor to go through his plan for the day. This may involve going through some materials, doing some work problems, and one-on-one engagement. 

  1. How often should I use tutoring?

You should explore tutoring as often as you need to. We recommend a minimum of 3 hours per week for about 4 weeks to adequately address a problem area. 

  1. How do I contact my tutor?

Through the workspace in your job posting.

  1. Do you offer drop-in tutoring?

No. we are not a tutoring center but rather a platform for tutoring.

  1. Will I get tutored with the same tutor every time?

This depends on you. If you like the tutor you used for any subject, you can always invite them to place a bid on your job.

  1. I have more questions, how do I contact you?

Contact us by sending us an email at hello@nerddais.com