Q 1. How do I sign up for tutoring?

Contact us via e-mail or phone to get started

Q 2. How do I become a tutor?

Apply by filling out your details here

Q 3. Will tutoring help me?

If you are finding it hard to concentrate, are behind on concepts in class, or you need test taking preparation, then you could benefit from tutoring.

4. How much does your service cost?

Our costs vary based on location and your exact needs. Please contact us to find out more.

Q 5. Do you accept payment plans or do you offer financing?

 For tutoring that lasts more than one month, payments are made in monthly installments. We however do not offer any financing

Q 6. Are tutoring times and days flexible?

We offer tutoring services from Monday to Thursday evenings (after school) and Sundays in the afternoons. The flexibility in our scheduling depends on your and the tutor’s availability.

Q 7. Do you offer assessments?

We offer assessments in selected subjects. We work with teachers in K-12 to find out more about the student’s needs and come up with a plan based on this as well as results of assessments if need be. 

Q 8. How are tutoring  sessions geared towards the needs of the student?

Tutoring sessions are based on a plan developed according to the needs of the student. 

Q 9. Do tutors work with the teachers in my school?

Yes. We reach out to the class teacher to find out more about the student’s needs.

Q 10. How long does a tutoring session last?

Each session lasts one and one-half hours (1.5) hours

Q 11. Can I have a set weekly appointment?

Tutoring sessions are set to occur and specific times and days of the week for the entire duration of tutoring

Q 12. What subjects do you offer tutoring in?

We offer all sessions in all K-12 subject areas as well as study skills, phonemic awareness and phonics, and test preparation tutoring. 

Q 13. Which test prep services do you offer?

We offer services covering standard SAT and ACT tutoring as well as other standar tests as needed. Find out more here.

Q 14. What if there are no tutors available when I need help?

If we cannot find a suitable tutor in your local area, we will widen our search within reasonable limits of your address. If we completely cannot find a tutor, we will inform you to explore other options.

Q 15. How will I get matched with a tutor?

Tutor matching is based on location, expertise, and personality.

Q 16. Will your tutors come to my home?

Yes. We offer in-home tutoring

Q 17. How do I know I got the best tutor?

From the first day, you should have a pretty good idea about the tutor’s personality. Personality matching should become apparent in the first few sessions. We offer a tutor replacement and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Q 18. What should I do when I am unable to meet with my tutor?

In emergency situations, you need to call the tutor immediately but preferably 3 hours before the scheduled session. In non-emergency situations, we require a 24-hour notice.

Q 19. What should I do prior to meeting my tutor to ensure I get the most out of the tutoring session?

If the tutor sent over some materials that need to be read ahead, ensure you do. Adequate preparation is always the best means to getting the most out of tutoring.

Q 20. What should I expect to do during a tutoring session?

Expect your tutor to go through his plan for the day. This may involve going through some materials, doing some work problems, and one-on-one engagement. 

Q 21. How often should I use tutoring?

You should explore tutoring as often as you need to. We recommend a minimum of 3 hours per week for about 4 weeks to adequately address a problem area. 

Q 22. How do I contact my tutor?

Your tutor will share their contact information with you so that you can contact them directly.

Q 23. Do you offer drop-in tutoring?

No. we are not a tutoring center but rather a placement service for private in-home tutoring.

Q24. Will I get tutored with the same tutor every time?

This depends on several factors. If you sign up for a specific subject area and for a specific period of time, you should be seeing the same tutor throughout the period. However, if you are taking different subjects, you may see different tutors as the same tutor may not have the same expertise.

Q 25. I have more questions, how do I contact you?

Contact us via email or phone.

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