What we do

We are a tutoring agency working to identify qualified and enthusiastic local tutors and paring them with families needing their services. Whether it’s homework help or catching up on a school subject, we will identify the best tutors to work with your family.

Our Method

We carefully go through all submitted resumes to identify individuals meeting the criteria we have identified for success in tutoring. We then use our proprietary proximal pairing mechanism to connect the right tutors with families. This method balances the interest of both tutors and learners; ensuring tutors arrive for tutoring sessions fresh and ready to assist the student while keeping a tab on the cost.

Our Mission

Our mission is to pair qualified tutors to local families with the aim of:

  1. Leading learners to the best possible educational outcomes
  2. Enhancing the learners’ self-esteem and confidence to learn
  3. Tapping tutors’ educational skills and experience to enhance the learners’ education.
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