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What You Need To Know About One On One Tutoring

All of us need additional support from time to time. While what we may need help with can vary, the fact is, everyone can benefit from support in one form or another. One option for learning important information is through one on one tutoring. This is a great choice for a wide range of students, whether they are just starting school or going back to school later in life. Learn more about one on one tutoring in this article.

One on one tutoring is the opportunity for a student to spend time with a tutor learning the content or skills they need in order to be successful. This means there is one student and one teacher, or tutor. A private tutor will start by learning about the student. They can do this in many different ways. For instance, they may simply ask the child some questions to determine what they know about a particular topic. Another option is performing some quick testing to find out what they may know about solving math problems, for example. Gaining information about a student’s abilities and finding out exactly what they need is one of the first steps in working with a one on one tutor.

With the knowledge of what a student knows, is able to do, and what they are struggling with, the tutor can plan learning activities that are focused on that particular student. This means their learning needs are met through their time with a tutor who is solely focused on one student. Individualized learning benefits the student because the lessons are focused specifically on what they need to learn and based on what they know. Plus, the learning can take place at the student’s pace since there are not others who are also part of the group. This can make the learning much more meaningful for the student and they are more likely to retain what they have learned.

Also, as a tutor works with a student, the student may engage more in the learning. There are many reasons students do not gain the taught knowledge from a typical classroom. One reason may be the student is too shy to speak up and ask questions. In a tutoring session, the tutor is more likely to catch on to the fact that the student may have questions and will be able to intervene quickly. Also, students may not learn in a regular classroom because the environment may be too busy with too much going on. A student can easily become distracted. In a one on one tutoring session, these distractions are not an issue as the student and the tutor are the only ones in the learning environment, which can make focusing much easier.

As you can see, a one on one tutoring opportunity may be what you or your child need to gain the knowledge needed to move to the next level. Tutoring in this manner offers many benefits and for those who are missing certain skills or concepts, they gain learn what is needed and then continue to progress in their learning.

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